Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I always wanted a baby who feel asleep at the dinner table or in their high chair. Jadon has still never done that. Thankfully, Miss Macy Bleu is making up for it. She feel asleep a few months back, just as soon as she finished her lunch. Jamie took her plate to wash it off, and turned around to find her like this:

Today, just before naptime, while she was eating, she did it again. She had been soooo fussy, just before we gave her a piece of cheese and some raisins. She didn't quite make it through the box of raisins. Make sure you don't miss the first few seconds, while she's still awake...hilarious!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I know, I know...I'm a big blogging slacker :/ I've been so busy with pictures (other people's, not my own kids) that my head is spinning. I have several partial, half-written blogs saved and unpublished, but am committed to getting them up soon.

So much changes so fast with toddlers, I can barely keep up. I think these videos do a decent job of displaying what has happened as of late. Jadon, who never sang or danced until he was around 2 1/2 years old, is now belting out tunes left and right. Don't worry, between songs, you can still find him running around being a rather obnoxious, rambunctious boy ;)

Macy, who is usually the sweet, smiley lap-cat-of-a-toddler, is now showing a much ornerier side. She is silly. While she still LOVES to sing and dance, she has begun climbing EVERYTHING! She used the Bumbo as a step stool the other day, so she could climb onto the dining room chair and stand (yikes!). She just smiled at me with the proudest two-teeth grin on her face :D She also attempted to climb a fence at the farm, when I was doing a photo shoot and hung off the side of the high chair like a monkey. Oh, Baby Bleu! Here she is showing off her couch climbing skills a few weeks ago. She's graduated from floor to couch, now going from floor to couch to table, giggling and grinning her way to the top. Rotten, rotten, rotten they are!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two to Three and Three at Thirty-Three

So I'm that parent. I am always so sad that my babies are growing up. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not that parent who tries to keep them from growing up and become independent, but I always feel so bittersweet about the whole process. Thankfully, it seems, once my youngest turns a year old, God puts another one in my belly :)

If you haven't heard, yes, Jamie and I are expecting our third sweet bundle of joy!!! I took a test about 10 days ago. We were shocked to say the least! This, like all of our other pregnancies, was NOT planned. I mean, seriously, NOT planned! We are soooo excited about it now though :) God's timing is always perfect, and we trust that fully. After five miscarriages, we know these things cannot be planned. They are divine. Children are a gift from the Lord. Period.

Sooo anyway...I sent Jamie out the store one night, after Jadon and Macy were asleep. He was rolling his eyes, certain there was no way it would be positive. I kept telling him my tummy feels a little bloated, and even though I stopped nursing a month ago, my boobs seemed to have inflated again (much to my dismay...blah.). So I took the test, and it turned into a + sign immediately. SHOCKED! Oh, my word! This is for real. Three kids three and under. Holy smokes! Scary? Yes, in every sense of the word. It took us a few days for it to settle in our minds. The fact that we know God is the giver of life is so comforting. We know He has great plans for us and our new baby :)

Let me tell you what really makes this idea so exciting...(1) Jadon and (2) Macy. They are the sweetest, most incredible little beings I have ever laid eyes on. They have started interacting with each other in a whole new way. They are silly and fun. They laugh and play and chase each other. They spin around, jump up and down, fall down and belly laugh until I am crying. They're just purely amazing. I sit back and watch them on a daily basis and thank God that He has chosen us to bring another little blessing into this mix. It's just overwhelming. Why us? We are already so blessed. We are forever thankful.

So, now onto the big boy of the house. Today, he is two months away from being THREE years old! Wow! Three is so big. Three is so much more independent. He has his own thoughts. He talks in full sentences non-stop. I mean, NON-STOP! He LOVES talking to strangers. He wants to know their names. He asks where they are, when they leave our house or a store. He will talk about them for days afterward. He's just so outgoing. A few weeks ago in Old Navy, he literally ran with his arms wide open, straight up to a lady in her mid-50s, let her pick him up and looked at her as if she was his new favorite person in the world. What in the world? She laughed and thought he was the cutest thing, of course, but where does he get that? Ummm, not Macy...she had her head buried in my chest hahaha. Jadon? He is a ham! What else about Mr. Jadon?

He LOVES hummus! He eats it by the bowl with or without chips. He still likes most anything that is healthy. He has recently started eating salad. He loves broccoli and edamame on most days. He will eat any fruit you put in front of him. He loves taking his "violen" (vitamin), and whines sometimes when he can't have another. He's not health food junkie though. Just last night, he cried in his sleep, "He wants chocolate." Three minutes later, crying, "He wants to eat chocolate ice cream...whaaaaa!" LOL Hilarious! He will, in fact, do anything for chocolate or whipped cream. We kind of take advantage of this by making him do the "chocolate dance," in order to get a piece. We can't help it. He's so cute! Jamie's the mean one. He makes him jump through hoops to get pretty much anything. "Give Daddy a kiss. Okay, now where's my hug? Oh, wait, you didn't give me an Eskimo...". It ends with me yelling at Jamie to leave him alone and give whatever it is to the poor boy ;)

Eating hummus with Daddy

Jadon still loves doing flashcards and puzzles. He still knows all of his ABCs (upper- and lowercase). He knows numbers 1-20 by sight, and can count to 29. He is a whiz at memorizing Bible verses, one per week. He has started singing A LOT more lately. His favorite is songs from the movie "Annie." I have to get him singing "Tomorrow" at the top of his lungs. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen! He also likes to act out parts of the movie and talks a lot about Miss Hannigan and Daddy Warbucks. The other day, out of nowhere, we were all laying in bed, and he said in a very deep, rough voice, "I don't like it! Send it back! (short pause) Hang it in my baffroom!" Remember the scene with the Mona Lisa? Daddy Warbucks? What a nut!

Jadon is, unfortunately, getting to the stage of life when naptimes aren't always on his agenda anymore. Most days, he does still take a 2.5-3 hour nap, but other days, we get nothin! When Jadon doesn't nap, well, many times by 6pm, he looks a bit like this:

Those were taken by Jamie, as he was driving I suppose. We had taken Jadon with us, when I did a shoot at a fire station. We knew he would be so excited to see the trucks, but after only ten minutes there, he lost it. Jamie drove the long way home, and he fell asleep in the car, just after Jadon said through his tears, "I..I..I be good." Poor little guy.

At least five days per week, Jadon gets up around 7:45am, naps between 12:30pm-3pm, then hits the sack by 9pm. He is very easy to put down at bedtime, and even though he could easily get out of bed a million times and open the door, he never does.

But that does bring me to the topic of doors. Oh my! ((sigh)) Who knew at this age he would already be able to open all of the child-proof door handles? Sheesh! All at once, he learned to open all of the doors, climb EVERYTHING (i.e. the entertainment center and dressers), and reach anything on any shelf or counter in our house. It happend overnight! It is SUCH. A. PAIN! We can't keep him out of anything bad anymore :/ Well, I will say (thankfully) he has still not attempted to open our front door or the door that leads to our garage. I dread the day that happens. It's the main reason we moved his toddler bed into our bedroom. I cannot sleep sound, thinking that he would get out the front door, while we're sleeping. Yes, I'm that parent. Sue me.

In all of his antics, he is still the funniest little guy I know. He loves playing cars and building anything. He loves all things pretend play now. He likes to pretend to cook and to sleep. He likes to make blankets and pillows into piles of "snow" and "mountains." He loves playing ring-around-the-rosey with Macy. He would love nothing more than for Jamie and I to spin him or make him "fly like an airplane" all day long. He's just a nut, so goofy and so funny. In the pics below, for the first time EVER!, he said, "Mommy, look at this! Look at these cool cars. Take a pitcher, Mommy." Ummm...Okay hahaha. So I did. His face cracks me up. He looks so proud, yet so ornery...just the way he is :)

This is a Jadon face, if I ever saw one :P

Jadon's cars

Our baby is only two months away from being three...

Sweet face

...thankfully, I'm going to be a mama of three at thirty-three :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy 34th Birthday, Daddy!

I told you I might get to posting Jamie's birthday pics. Finally, I have! It was a simple, rainy day, but we had a great time with each other and our babies. First, we went to breakfast at Applewood in Litchfield. Let me tell you, I have NEVER seen two kids devour pancakes the way Jadon and Macy did! Holy cow! They ate the entire stack, covered in strawberries and whipped cream. Never, ever have we seen them eat that way before. Sheesh!

Jamie was satisfied, too, with his favorite fresh-from-the-inlet shrimp omelet. Such great food there everytime we go. Afterwards, we took the kids to Barnes & Noble to play with the train and read books, and we grabbed some of our favorite red velvet cupcakes to go.

It's been over two weeks, since then, so I can't quite remember what we did that evening, but I'm sure it had something to do with spending time with Jadon and Macy :) Simple things. Love you, James!

Until they were ALL GONE!

Jamie's shrimp and spinach omelet with holandaise and hashbrowns. Mmmm!
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